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Advantages of billet induction heating equipment

Saving resources is the basic national policy of our country. Saving energy, improving energy utilization efficiency, protecting and improving the environment, and promoting the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of economy and society are our current strategic tasks. Eliminating backward production capacity is an important means to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. We should vigorously eliminate backward technologies, equipment and technologies with high energy consumption and environmental pollution, and speed up energy-saving technologies To promote the application of energy-saving, environmental protection of new technology, new equipment, new technology and new products.


In China’s ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, machinery manufacturing, automobile, military industry and other industries, the heat consumption of hot processing equipment is very large, and the heating efficiency is very low. Oil furnace, natural gas furnace and resistance furnace are basically used for heating of blank before hot forming, heat treatment of workpiece and melting of non-ferrous metal and ferrous metal, which has high energy consumption and serious environmental pollution. With the development of China’s industry, the improvement of product quality requirements, and the strict requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, the flame furnace heating has gradually developed to the electric heating direction.

medium frequency induction heat treatment furnace is an advanced heat treatment equipment. Compared with flame furnace and resistance furnace, its main advantages are as follows:

1. The heating speed is fast, which can double the productivity of heating equipment and form a continuous production line with other process equipment.

2. The heating efficiency of Induction heating machine can reach 50% – 60%, while the heating efficiency of flame furnace is only about 20%, and that of resistance furnace is only about 40%.

3. When the induction heating equipment is used for heating before hot forming, due to the fast heating speed and short heating time, the burning rate of oxide skin produced by the blank is 0.5% – 1%, while the metal burning rate of the flame furnace is 3%. Compared with the flame heating furnace, the induction heating furnace saves 2% of the material and improves the service life of the forging die.

4. If the Induction heating machine is used in the hot processing workshop, the electromagnetic induction heating method is adopted, the heat is generated from the workpiece, the heat loss is less, the workshop temperature is greatly reduced, and the working conditions of the workshop workers are improved. At the same time, induction heating will not produce smoke and dust, which has no impact on the environment, in line with the energy conservation and environmental protection policy.

Due to the above advantages of billet induction heating furnace and the gradual improvement of people’s awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, more and more new processes, new equipment and new technologies have been adopted in practical production, and backward processes, equipment and technologies have been eliminated.



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