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Advantages of continuous casting billet heating furnace

1. Continuous casting steel also has heating furnaces that have varying degrees of bending according to different steel grades of the workpiece. If the bending degree of the steel billet before entering the electric furnace is greater than 3mm/m, the size of the inductor can be adjusted according to your steel grade bending degree to meet your requirements.induction billet heater

2. Surface temperature before entering the furnace and billet discharge temperature: We design and produce according to the desired effect of the user. The billet is heated evenly, without overburning or cracks, and the tensile strength and straightness can meet the user’s needs.

3. The entire heating process of the continuous casting billet heating furnace is automatically controlled by PLC, and production records such as heating quantity are displayed in a timely manner. This console is used separately, with a specially customized human-machine interface and highly user-friendly operation instructions, making it easy to operate

4. Feeding and guiding system: Each axis is driven by an independent motor reducer, equipped with multiple axis drives and controlled by a single frequency converter to ensure synchronous operation of multiple axes. High quality components are selected for reliable quality and stable operation. Adopting 304 non magnetic stainless steel guide wheels, maintaining moderate axial elasticity of the guide wheels to adapt to bending within the allowable range of steel.continuous casting billet heating furnace

5. Closed loop temperature control, consisting of a Raytheon infrared thermometer from the United States and a Siemens S7 from Germany, automatically adjusts the power supply according to the initial temperature and feed rate of the steel billet entering the induction heater, ensuring that the heating temperature remains constant before discharge and the workpiece is heated evenly. 6. The steel billet heating furnace adopts series resonance medium frequency double rectification 12 pulse or 24 pulse KGPS100-1000KW single power supply for independent use or multiple power supplies for parallel use. Users can use it with confidence, safe and reliable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and easy to operate.Continuous billet heating furnace

Installation and debugging of heating furnace for continuous casting steel failure:

1. The necessary lifting, hoisting, temporary electricity and personnel during the installation process shall be the responsibility of Party B

2. A sends experienced technical personnel to guide installation, debugging, and personnel training

3. The final acceptance shall be conducted at the buyer’s site, and shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the contract agreement. The acceptance content includes: configuration, control system stability, mechanical stability, appearance, firing performance, and heating efficiency.


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