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Advantages of induction heating equipment for continuous casting billets

Forever specializes in providing induction heating equipment for continuous casting billets, with excellent equipment quality and excellent service reputation in the market.

Advantages and characteristics of continuous casting billet heating furnace :

1. The control system of the induction heating equipment for continuous casting billets adopts PLC automatic control, and timely displays production records such as heating quantity. The one click restore function is easy to operate.

2. Continuous casting billet induction heating furnace , driven by an independent motor reducer for each axis, equipped with multi axis drive, controlled by a single frequency converter to ensure synchronous operation of multiple axes. High quality components are selected, with reliable quality and stable operation. Using 304 non-magnetic stainless steel guide wheels to maintain moderate elasticity in the axial direction, in order to adapt to the allowable bending range of the steel billet.


3. The closed-loop temperature control of the continuous casting billet heating equipment automatically adjusts the power supply according to the initial temperature and feed rate of the steel billet entering the induction heater, so that the heating temperature remains constant before being discharged from the furnace and the workpiece is heated uniformly.

4. Separate design of capacitor cabinet and furnace body cabinet for  Continuous casting billet heating equipment (capacitor cabinet position according to user requirements)

5. All cabinets are sandblasted, sprayed with plastic, and painted. The waterways are made of thick walled stainless steel. The heating equipment for continuous casting and rolling of steel billets is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life. The equipment is equipped with a large LCD temperature display screen.

6. Power supply system for steel billet induction heating equipment: Double rectifier 12 pulse or 24 pulse KGPS1000-1000KW single power supply for independent use or multiple power supplies for parallel use. Install dedicated transformers on the equipment to reduce the impact of harmonics on the power grid. Users can use it with confidence, safe and reliable.

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