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Advantages of using induction heating equipment!

The Medium frequency quenching heat treatment equipment is a metal heat treatment equipment which is widely used in mechanical processing, and the heating principle of the traditional heating process is to heat the metal steel pipe in a way of heat transfer, and the traditional heating process has low precision and efficiency, Therefore, the traditional Induction heating machine has the advantages of low heating efficiency of the metal steel tube, serious energy loss and serious pollution to the production. And the oil pipe heating furnace adopting the induction heating mode is different, the equipment is heated by the electromagnetic induction principle, the electric heating mode is adopted, and the electric current is generated inside the work-piece through the inductor, so that the heat is directly generated from the inside of the oil pipe. The heating of the hot-rolled steel pipe equipment is no longer the heat transfer, the heat is not lost in the air, and the high-temperature phenomenon is not caused to the production workshop.

Characteristics of intermediate frequency heating equipment:

1. The arrangement of the equipment parts is reasonable, the structure is compact, the space is saved for the user, the full load of the equipment is more than 99%, and the continuous production for 24 hours is not a problem.

2, if heating equipment adopts IGBT frequency conversion and power regulation, equipped with perfect protection device, the heating speed of work-piece is fast, oxidation and decarbonization is less, energy saving is more energy saving than other equipment, and user production cost is reduced at the same time.

3. Using automatic feeding and blanking device, re-configuring remote extension electromechanical control system, the automatic production of the equipment can be realized, and the user production efficiency can be efectively improved.

4, the temperature control accuracy of intermediate frequency heating equipment is high, Through the original infrared thermometer, the power of the equipment can be adjusted, the heating is uniform, the temperature difference of the core table is small, and the heating of the work-piece meets the requirements.

5. The equipment is equipped with the corresponding specifications according to the size and occupation area of the user work-piece. The furnace body adopts the fast-changing structure, which can only be connected to the water and electricity joint, convenient and simple.


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