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Aluminum bar induction heating furnace

The aluminum bar induction heating furnace developed by Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has high efficiency, can realize high-power production, stable operation, compact equipment structure and small floor area. With years of production history of FOREVER Electromechanical, FOREVER aluminum bar induction heating furnace can effectively solve technical problems for you. The aluminum bar induction heating equipment has a high degree of automation, which can replace manual production, reduce labor costs and improve the production efficiency of users.

Induction heating has the advantages of high heating power, fast speed, good controllability and easy to complete the initiative. It is widely used in the industrial production process of metal smelting, diathermancy, heat treatment and welding, and has become the main means of casting, forging and heat treatment in metallurgy, national defense, mechanical processing, shipbuilding, aircraft, automobile manufacturing and other industries. The principle of induction heating is to generate alternating current, then alternating magnetic field, and then use alternating magnetic field to generate eddy current to achieve heating.

Features of aluminum bar heating furnace :

1. Strong online operation, pollution-free production, easy to form a continuous production line with other equipment to facilitate mechanized and automated production;

2. The electromagnetic induction heating speed is fast, the scale on the workpiece surface is small, and the workpiece performance is good.

3. The principle of electromagnetic induction production is pollution-free and meets the requirements of environmental protection. Automatic production reduces the labor intensity of workers, and can replace part of the old resistance furnace heating and coal heating.

4. The induction heating equipment is equipped with a thermometer to realize real-time heating monitoring, ensure uniform heating of the workpiece, accurate temperature control and guaranteed heating performance of the workpiece;

5. FOREVER is equipped with different specifications of electric heating equipment furnace body according to the different size of workpiece processed by users. Each furnace body is designed with water and electricity quick-change joints for quick replacement and saving production time.

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