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Aluminum Rod Induction Heating Furnace

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Aluminum Rod Induction Heating Furnace has the highest sales volume in the country. When purchasing aluminum rod heating equipment, the Forever Electromechanical Induction heating machine is preferred. Its aluminum rod medium frequency heating furnace is intelligently operated, safe and reliable, reliable in quality, and guaranteed in quality. When purchasing Medium frequency indcuction heating machine , the Forever Induction Heating System is chosen as a demonstration unit with excellent reputation and quality assurance

Intelligent control: The power supply can monitor/remotely control the operating status in real time, and has fault self-diagnosis function; Process customization and process parameter control, etc.

High cost-effectiveness: highly optimized structure, modular layout of independent units for faster maintenance, and easy expansion of power supply power with development.

High reliability: Adopting IGBT extreme speed protection technology, long power life DSP digital control device, high power stability, and few faults.

Energy saving and environmental protection: With minimal harmonics and high power factor, there is no need for power compensation.

Special advantages of Aluminum bar heating furnace :

It can achieve high power, low frequency, good heat permeability, fast heating speed, and high production efficiency;

Adopting voltage feedback series resonant circuit and IGBT frequency conversion, with high conversion efficiency;

Equipped with automatic frequency tracking function, it can always ensure high power factor throughout the entire process, regardless of the size of output power, the power factor is always greater than


Compared with the thyristor intermediate frequency furnace, the energy-saving effect is significant, and it can be successfully started under any load;


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