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Application of medium frequency steel billet heating furnace

The Medium frequency billet heating furnace is a widely used equipment in the field of metal hot working, which adopts medium frequency electromagnetic heating technology.

Working principle of medium frequency Billet induction heating equipment :

The working principle of the medium frequency steel billet heating furnace is mainly based on electromagnetic induction heating. When current passes through a coil, a strong alternating magnetic field is generated, and metal materials generate induced current in the alternating magnetic field, causing them to heat up. This can quickly heat the steel billet to the desired temperature.


Application of medium frequency Induction billet heating furnace :

Medium frequency steel billet heating furnaces are widely used in the field of metal hot working, including but not limited to:

1. Steel industry: preheating, forging, heat treatment, etc. of steel billets.

2. Nonferrous metal smelting: the smelting and heating treatment of metals such as aluminum and copper.

3. Metal processing: annealing, quenching, heat treatment and other processes of metal parts.

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