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Application of temperature control closed-loop system for intermediate frequency induction heating equipment

In the metal workpiece heat treatment equipment,  Induction heating equipment of china has become the first choice equipment of industrial manufacturers because of its advantages of fast heating speed, no pollution and easy control. At present, the performance of domestic intermediate frequency heating equipment is close to the international advanced level. However, the heating equipment temperature control technology is far away from the international advanced level, and the control level is relatively backward, which has become the biggest technical bottleneck restricting the product quality.

Based on the research and practical experience of IF heating equipment, Hebei Yuantuo Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the effective development of temperature control system technology, specially designed for heat treatment production, and designed for induction heating equipment intelligent temperature control system, which can achieve temperature control:

1. temperature and power closed-loop control, inversely proportional to linear regulation.

2. Automatically adjust the undertemperature and overtemperature of the workpiece.

3. Real-time display of heating temperature, and can record, store, download temperature record values.

Features of Temperature Control System for Mechanical and Electrical Metal Heat Treatment Equipment:

1. The input adopts digital correction system, built-in nonlinear correction table, the measurement accuracy is stable.

2. Adopt advanced intelligent adjustment precision algorithm, no overshoot, with automatic smooth curve processing function.

3.With advanced modular structure, it can meet the needs of various applications widely.

4. humanized design of the operation method, easy to learn and use.

The temperature closed-loop system has a flexible and advanced programming method, and the advanced PID rule calculation method is used for the temperature curve, which can eliminate the phenomenon of PID saturation integral when the measurement error is large. When the error tends to be small, the repeated precision algorithm is used to adjust automatically, and the temperature characteristics of the controlled object can be automatically adjusted and remembered in the regulation. It has the advantages of digital power setting, high precision, simple parameter determination and good control

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