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automatic continuous casting billet heating production line

The fully automatic continuous casting billet heating production line designed by the company adopts PLC intelligent automatic program control throughout the process, which is safe, energy-saving, highly automatic, stable product quality, high production efficiency, simple operation and other advantages. If you choose Yuantuo, you can enjoy superior prices, because we are manufacturers of direct sales equipment. The continuous casting billet heating production line has won a good reputation among new and old users.

Equipment name: continuous casting billet heating production line

Equipment brand: Yuantuo Electromechanical

Processing customization: Yes

Material: carbon steel, alloy steel, etc

Billet size range: Billet size range: (6mm * 6mm) – (500mm * 500mm)


Process characteristics of continuous casting billet heating production line:

● Integrated design of feeding and discharging mechanism, coil and power supply requires less infrastructure, workshop area and installation time.

● Series medium frequency power supply design, AC voltage is converted into DC voltage by diode, and energy conversion efficiency is 94%.

● The output power of the continuous casting billet heating production line can be adjusted between 10% and 100%, and all power ranges can maintain 0.94 power factor, with less harmonic distortion pollution.

● Dynamically monitor the change of the load current of the series resonant coil, timely closed-loop control the output power of the power supply, and ensure the stability of the heating temperature

● Different heating frequencies are selected according to the size of the blank to save power consumption; The coil can adapt to the blank diameter range by one time.

● The embedded operation panel displays the running state of the machine and is used for fault diagnosis; Manual or human-machine interface operation mode can be selected.

● Power supply system: double rectifier 12 pulse or 24 pulse KGPS1000-1000KW single medium frequency power supply is used independently or multiple power supplies are used in parallel. A special transformer is installed in the heating production line of continuous casting slab to reduce the impact of harmonics on the power grid. Users can use it safely and reliably.

● Control system: the whole heating process is automatically controlled by PLC, and the production records such as heating quantity are displayed in due time. This console is used separately, with a specially customized human-computer interface, highly user-friendly operation instructions, all digital, highly adjustable parameters, and a one button restore function, which is simple to operate.

● Feeding and guiding system: each axis is driven by an independent motor reducer, and multi axis drive is set. A single frequency converter is used to control the synchronization of multi axis operation. The components are selected from famous brands, with reliable quality and stable operation. 304 non-magnetic stainless steel guide wheel is used to keep the axial direction of the guide wheel moderately elastic to adapt to the bending of the billet within the allowable range.

● All cabinets are made of sand blasting, plastic spraying and paint baking, all waterways are made of thick walled stainless steel, the equipment is corrosion resistant, and has a long service life. Large LCD temperature display is installed on the equipment (convenient for on-site personnel to observe the display number



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Post time: 12-21-2022