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Automatic induction heating and quenching production line

And the Induction heating machine production line is mainly composed of two parts of a quenching trolley. And the quenching liquid and the four-position star support are arranged in the quenching tank. The left spindle box passes through the planetary gear mechanism to turn the four chucks on the star support; the right side is a fast indexing mechanism driven by the motor, which causes the four-station star support to be at 1. The fast indexing 900 within the 5 s time. And the bottom of the quenching tank is provided with a movable liquid spraying device in addition to the quenching liquid. The liquid sprayer is moved according to the position of the quenched journal, so that the journal is immersed in the quenching liquid to obtain the cooling of the agitated quenching liquid.

The quenching car is equipped with a quenching transformer, an inductor group, a capacitor and a corresponding cable, a pipeline, a pressure gauge, and the like. The quenching transformer is suspended on the four-link parallel mechanism on the trolley, and the induction heating and quenching production line moves the transformer inductor group up and down in one plane. The top of the trolley capacitor cabinet is provided with a balance mechanism consisting of a motor-driven lifting gear and a coil spring and the like.

In order to improve the productivity of semi-automatic crankshaft quenching machine, a double-slot semi-automatic crankshaft quenching machine with two quenching tanks sharing a quenching trolley has been developed in order to improve the productivity of semi-automatic crankshaft quenching machine. It loads and unloads four crankshafts in one slot and quenches in the other. When the four crankshafts in the other slot are all quenched, the quenching trolley walks to the waiting slot to start working, while the other slot can unload the crankshaft and install the crankshaft to be quenched. Therefore, the cost of equipment has not increased much, and the output can be increased by 30%. .

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