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Automatic short aluminum rod heating furnace

Advantages of fully automatic short aluminum rod heating furnace equipment:

1. Aluminum rod heating furnace adopts visual man-machine operation interface, which is simple and efficient.

2. Infrared temperature measurement is used to monitor the temperature in real time to avoid over burning.

3. The overall design is simple and cost-effective.

4. High production efficiency and labor saving.

5. Infrared mode or beat mode is adopted to ensure the efficiency and quality of product production.

6. New energy-saving technology, water-cooled induction heating power control, low power consumption, high production efficiency.

The composition of the full-automatic short aluminum rod heating furnace is as follows:

1. Medium frequency induction heating power supply

2. The cabinet of induction heating furnace includes stainless steel pipe and capacitor cabinet

3. Induction furnace body

4. Automatic feeding timing pushing system

5. Man machine interface operation control cabinet

6. Quick discharging device

7. Automatic temperature control system of infrared temperature measurement

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