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Billet heating furnace with high yield and low consumption

With the rising labor cost, the trend of intelligent and mechanized electromagnetic induction heating equipment replacing the traditional billet heating furnace is becoming more and more obvious. The one-stop PLC operating system can simplify the operation process, improve the safety and stability of the equipment, and easily complete the forming and processing of metal workpieces. It plays an important role in modern metal workpieces processing plants!

Billet heating furnace is more affordable than expected

Speaking of the price of billet reheating furnace, friends who know a little know that the price of billet reheating furnace is more expensive than traditional heating equipment, but why is the price of this billet reheating furnace so expensive, and its sales volume still only increases?

The sales volume of billet heating furnace soared due to the affordable equipment price and excellent quality

The reason for the good sales of billet heating furnace is mainly the value of the equipment. This set of induction heating equipment has a high success rate of production start-up, and realizes environmental protection and energy-saving production. Moreover, this induction heating is faster than processing speed, uniform heating temperature and good forming effect. The billet heating furnace adopts network induction heating power control, which can improve the performance and quality of the equipment.

In particular, Hebei FOREVER electromechanical equipment manufacturer independently develops, produces and sells equipment without intermediate price difference and cost waste, so the overall price of billet heating furnace is more favorable!


Billet heating furnace, production efficiency and energy saving, round your dream of cost saving

1. High yield and low consumption

The whole set of billet heating furnace has high processing efficiency, low energy consumption, more reliable daily operation, and realizes environmental protection and energy-saving production.

2. Energy saving and environmental protection

The unique processing principle will not produce waste gas, waste smoke and dust pollution in the production process, so as to realize environmental protection production and processing.

3. Safe and flexible

Flexible driving concept, compact model design, stepless adjustment of operating speed, and users can flexibly adjust the operating speed according to their own needs.

4. Intelligent and durable

Equipped with PLC control system, everything is in the “palm” grip. The intelligent operating system can liberate the on-site labor force, optimize the structural design, and make the parts more durable.

Flexible, efficient and extraordinary, affordable and different! This is the billet reheating furnace, a continuous casting billet reheating furnace that creates high profits for users, which can easily start the journey of creating wealth for you! Welcome interested friends to visit the factory at any time!



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