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Brief introduction of induction heating equipment

Induction heating machine  is widely used in the market at present, which is mainly used in heat treatment of various metal steel. Compared with similar products, the production efficiency of steel tempering equipment is high, and the output is larger, so the production will not produce waste gas smoke noise and dust pollution, so as to realize environmental protection operation, which is gradually replacing the traditional metal heat treatment furnace equipment.

Introduction to induction heating equipment The medium-frequency quenching and tempering production line is a kind of equipment which is heated by the electromagnetic principle. The electric heating is controlled by the PLC to control the production operation. The whole set of equipment has high automation, mechanization and intelligent production capacity, and is widely used in mining machinery. In that proces of railway transportation, petroleum machinery and the like.

1. Quality analysis The quality is a key factor for determining a steel bar tempering production line, which is mainly related to the choice of the manufacturer. We all know that the production process and the manufacturing materials of different manufacturers are different, which directly leads to the different input cost of the steel quenching and tempering equipment, so the price is natural and different.

2. Regional analysis According to statistics, more and more people in the industry have chosen to buy steel bar induction and tempering furnace in Hebei, which is why? There are three reasons for the analysis: one is that the manufacturer of the steel bar tempering production line in Hebei is more and more, the user can inspect, the comparison of the selected space is large, the second is that the traffic is more convenient for domestic users, and the corresponding transportation cost will be reduced; Third, Hebei’s object level is relatively low in the north, and the price of the equivalent equipment will be more favorable.

3. Supply and demand analysis The relationship between supply and demand is also an important factor that affects the price fluctuation of the medium-frequency quenching and tempering production line, which is also based on the market law. The price of the steel tempering heat treatment furnace will be lower for the supply demand, and the price of the equipment will be higher for less than the demand.

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