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Characteristics of Energy Saving Type of Hengyuan Intermediate Frequency Furnace

Hebei Hengyuan Electric Furnace Factory is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment for Intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace in Hebei Province. Reliable quality makes you rest assured of the choice. High quality service is our responsibility to our customers. Excellent technology is the result of our continuous and dedicated research, all you need is what we are trying to pay.

Medium frequency furnace is the main equipment in casting forging and heat treatment workshop. The stability, reliability and safety of its work are the guarantee of normal and stable operation of casting forging and heat treatment production line of flowing water operation. Medium frequency furnace has a good development prospect in the field of hot working, such as the main production of heating furnace before forging and forging, diothermic furnace and induction heating for: diathermy, rolling, forging, pipe bending, heat treatment (quenching), welding and so on. Mainly produces JPS type energy saving, rapid smelting medium frequency electric furnace series, is a new type of metal smelting complete set of equipment developed and produced in China, energy saving and environmental protection. Suitable for melting stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel and other metals.

Energy saving characteristics of Hengyuan medium frequency furnace: because the principle of medium frequency induction heating furnace is electromagnetic induction, its heat is produced in the workpiece itself, and ordinary workers can work continuously in forging task ten minutes after going to work with intermediate frequency electric furnace. There is no need for furnace professional workers to carry out furnace burning and closing work in advance. Because of the fast heating rate of the heating mode, the oxidation is very little, the oxidation burning loss of medium frequency heating forgings is only 0.5%, the oxidation burning loss of gas furnace is 2%, the coal burning furnace is 3%, and the medium frequency heating process is economical. Compared with coal burning furnace, forgings per ton save at least 20 kg of steel raw materials. The utilization rate of the material can reach 95%.

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