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Characteristics of hot rolled steel billet heating furnace

Forever Electromechanical has engineers with rich industry experience in the field of induction heating, specializing in the design, process, and production of hot rolled steel billet heating furnaces. We provide users with excellent hot rolled steel billet heating furnace solutions and quotations for free. Yuantuo induction heating equipment is sold to multiple countries with quality assurance and reasonable prices.

Characteristics of Billet heating equipment for rolling :

1. Hot rolled steel billet heating furnace with full touch screen, low-frequency preheating, high-frequency heating, professional energy-saving and environmental protection technology.

2. High energy conversion efficiency of hot rolled steel billet heating furnace

3. The output power can be adjusted between 10% -99%, and can maintain a power factor of 0.94 in all power ranges, with minimal harmonic distortion pollution.

4. The heating furnace for hot-rolled steel billets is fully digital tuned, and the data can be permanently saved.

5. Dynamically monitor the load current changes of the serial resonant coil, timely closed-loop control the power output power, and ensure stable heating temperature.

6. The Hot rolling billet heating furnace has self detection, self diagnosis, alarm functions, and safety protection devices, ensuring safe and reliable use

7. Ensure stable and uniform advancement of steel billets and uniform heating

8. You can choose between manual or human-machine interface operation methods.

9. We design and produce according to the user’s needs, ensuring even heating of defective materials without overburning or sharp lines. The tensile strength and straightness can meet the user’s needs.

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