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Many people may wonder how it is different from ordinary metal surface heat treatment furnaces when they hear induction heating equipment. Why are steel bar quenching furnaces so popular on the market? Today, we will answer some of your questions in detail.

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1. The temperature uniform induction heating equipment of the processing product is processed by closed loop temperature control system. The heating temperature of metal workpiece is monitored by infrared ray in real time, and the power of power supply is automatically adjusted by the system to ensure that the heating temperature of steel bar is always within the target temperature range.

2. Energy saving configuration IGBT air-cooled power supply production, compared with other ordinary power supply energy saving about 30%, so the use of a year can save a lot of electricity bills to reduce the production cost of enterprises.

3. The production of pollution-free steel bar quenching furnace is heated by electromagnetic principle, the electric energy itself belongs to environmental protection energy, there will be no waste gas, waste smoke and noise pollution in the processing process, and the furnace body is designed with sealed design, and no dust is produced in the production process.

4. the low failure rate is due to the fact that the induction heating equipment is integrated into the advanced technical concept of foreign countries, the structural gap adjustment of its components is reasonable, the equipment is stable when working, and there is no strong vibration, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the whole machine and increases the service life of the machine.

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