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Common misunderstandings in quenching heat treatment process!

The induction hardening machine process is to heat the metal workpiece to a certain temperature for a period of time, and then the heat treatment process for cooling the metal workpiece at a certain speed can effectively improve the surface hardness, the wear resistance and the like of the metal workpiece. But the quenching heat treatment process has some misconceptions, you know?

1. The workpiece treated by quenching heat is not cold to room temperature and can not be treated by tempering heat. Some people think that after quenching heat treatment, it is not possible to enter the tempering heat treatment process when it has not cooled to room temperature. In fact, many kinds of steel, especially low, medium carbon steel, are mostly higher than room temperature at the end of the transformation point, but easy to crack when cold to room temperature, and can be transferred to the tempering heat treatment process as soon as possible after quenching heat treatment.

2. The workpiece treated by quenching heat must be tempered with temperature. It is not advisable to determine the inlet temperature before tempering according to the martensite transformation point of the steel. In order to prevent quenching cracking, we can not speculate, a general use of tempering with temperature!

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