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Continuous casting and rolling billet heating furnace

The continuous casting and rolling billet heating furnace is a billet heating equipment specifically designed for continuous casting and rolling production lines. It is usually located at the exit of the continuous casting machine and connected to the downstream rolling mill, used to heat the steel billets that have just come out of the continuous casting machine to the required temperature and then send them to the rolling mill for further processing.

Compared with traditional billet heating equipment, the Continuous casting billet induction heating furnace has the following characteristics:

1. Efficient and energy-saving: Due to the special nature of the continuous casting production line, the design of the continuous casting and rolling billet heating furnace adopts multiple preheating zones, which ensures uniform heating of the billet while minimizing energy loss and improving thermal and production efficiency.

2. Accurate control: The continuous casting and Billet hot-rolling heating system can accurately control the temperature of the billet to meet the requirements of different materials and processes. Through advanced temperature control systems, high-precision control can be achieved, and heating parameters can be automatically adjusted and optimized to ensure the best heating effect.

3. Reliable and stable: The Continuous casting billet heating equipment adopts advanced control systems and safety systems to ensure the reliability and stability of the equipment. During use, online diagnosis and monitoring can be achieved, and abnormal situations can be promptly alerted and handled to ensure production safety and stability.

4. High automation: The continuous casting and rolling billet heating furnace adopts modern automation technologies such as PLC and DCS, which can achieve process automation control and data collection, effectively reducing manual intervention, and improving production efficiency and quality.

In short, the continuous casting and rolling billet heating furnace is an important equipment in the steel industry, which can effectively improve production efficiency and processing quality, and has advantages such as energy conservation, environmental protection, precise control, reliability, stability, and high automation.

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