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Continuous casting billet heating equipment

[Feeding system] Each shaft is driven by an independent motor reducer, with multiple shaft drives set and controlled by a single frequency converter to synchronize the operation of multiple shafts.

The guide system adopts 304 non magnetic stainless steel guide wheels, and maintains a moderate axial elasticity of the guide wheels to adapt to the bending of the steel billet within the allowable range.

Hebei Yuantuo Electromechanical Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of continuous casting billet heating equipment. The induction heating equipment is fully automatic and intelligent, with high production efficiency. The continuous casting billet heating equipment is green, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly. The entire process is controlled by PLC control programs, saving labor, and providing users with induction heating equipment solutions and quotations for free all year round!


Technical transformation project of replacing gas and natural gas heating furnaces with electric heating for continuous casting steel billets:

The traditional steel rolling process involves stacking and cooling steel billets from steelmaking, transporting them to a steel rolling plant, and then heating them in a heating furnace before rolling them into steel.

Energy saving benefit analysis:

1. The process coal consumption for heating steel billets in the original heating furnace was 80 kg/ton of steel (calorific value 6400 kcal/kg), equivalent to 72 kg of standard coal; After the technical transformation, the process energy consumption is 38 kilowatt hours per ton of steel, equivalent to 13.3 kilograms of standard coal;

2. Energy saving principle:

After the steel billet is pulled out of the continuous casting machine, the surface temperature is 750~850 ℃, and the internal temperature is even as high as 950~1000 ℃. One of the basic principles of induction heating is the skin effect, which means that heat energy is gradually transferred from the surface to the inside. In fact, one third of the steel billet does not need to be heated internally. Depending on the cross section size of the steel billet, selecting different frequencies can achieve better heating efficiency.

3. Energy saving points:

a) The high energy utilization rate of induction heating can be as high as 65 to 75%, while the traditional storage heating furnace is only 25 to 30%.

b) The surface oxidation rate of induction heating billet is only 0.5%, while that of regenerative furnace can reach 1.5~2%.

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