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Continuous casting billet heating furnace

continuous casting billet heating furnace is currently a relatively energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment in the heating of continuous casting billets. It can be used for pre rolling heating of continuous casting billets, steel billets, square billets, and square steel. Due to its simple structure, high intelligence, reliable operation, easy maintenance and repair, and low production and construction costs, it is highly trusted by steel processing plants.

Characteristics of Continuous Casting Billet Heating Equipment

1. Design: The equipment has a compact structure, occupies a small area, and saves factory space;

2. Performance: the equipment has the function of fault early warning, which is safe and reliable;

3. Quality: Adopting large brand motors to achieve good performance of the power system, with low noise, energy-saving and other characteristics;

4. Service: Can match equipment according to customer requirements, optimize design, and fully ensure quality;

5. Intelligent: Control system and remote control device, which can achieve one click and remote control, effectively reducing user investment in manpower

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Continuous casting billet induction heating furnace specializes in creating high-quality and low-cost continuous casting billet heating furnace with stable performance, high efficiency and energy conservation. Welcome new and old users to visit Forever Electromechanical and negotiate the business of medium frequency induction heating equipment! Forever Electromechanical Technical Engineer is dedicated to serving you!

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