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Continuous casting billet induction heating furnace

continuous casting billet heating furnace on the development and production of induction heating equipment. The continuous casting billet hot rolling production line is safe and reliable, with a 30% energy saving effect. The equipment is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and efficient. The continuous casting billet induction heating furnace has stable performance, uniform heating, no bending or deformation.

The induction heating furnace for continuous casting steel is controlled by a medium frequency induction heating power supply, which has the following characteristics:

1. Standardized industrial digital communication interface, intelligent control system for rectifier and inverter thyristor, with remote operation control and data acquisition functions.

2. Quadruple closed-loop monitoring and protection for slot voltage, slot current, phase, and movement temperature, ensuring safety, reliability, and high stability.


3. The new Continuous casting billet induction heating furnace adopts the original German Siemens inverter module, polar capacitor filtering, and a new resonant system. Greatly improve the service life and quality of the host, with a service life of over 10 years.

4. Mastered the calculation method of load impedance matching. It ensures the maximum efficiency and energy-saving optimization of the continuous casting and hot rolling equipment.

5. The Continuous casting billet heating equipment can be customized with a full bridge, half bridge, mid frequency, ultra audio, and high-frequency integrated induction heating power supply according to user needs, which means that a single induction heating power supply can have all the above functions. An induction power supply can adapt to the heating of workpieces with different magnetic conductivity, sizes, and frequencies required for flame or heat transfer. Achieving optimal matching heating. The input voltage range is 220V to 380V, and the continuous casting and hot rolling equipment can also work. Optional with constant power and variable frequency output.

6. CP intelligent control has the advantages of precise calculation of various parts, modular assembly, reasonable design, minimum loss, and no heating of high-power continuous working components. It can be made into full air cooling and can work continuously at high power for 24 hours.

7. Equipped with triple mode operation such as touch screen, button knob, and remote control. LCD display of various technical parameters, fault alarm indication, partial device damage alarm, self diagnosis of fault causes, multi period control settings, and infinite power adjustment. More convenient to use and powerful in functionality.

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