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Continuous hardening and tempering furnace daily maintenance work

Continuous hardening and tempering furnace daily maintenance work

Speaking of continuous hardening and tempering furnace, many people know very little about it. As only the heat treatment plant or large steel mill will have continuous hardening and tempering furnace. As the professional designer and producer for continuous hardening and tempering furnace, Forever will tell you some tips about its daily maintenance work.

Firstly, regular maintenance for continuous hardening and tempering furnace: Regular maintenance the various bolt and fasteners. If there is loose or bad contact, timely changes and replacements for the parts to avoid accident.

Secondly, we would suggest to use pure water as the cooling water of continuous hardening and tempering furnace to avoid water scale. But the water quality is different for different users. If using natural water or well water, the equipment will easily scale inside. If the user don’t clean them for a long time, it will effect cooling influence. Even it will affect cooling effect and easy to aging.

Thirdly, regular clean the dirt in the power supplies. The dust will easily cover the components inside the machine. After some time, the dust will come into the components inside to affect its working. So it’s essential to clean the inside of the power supply.

Fourth, regular inspection of wiring is in good condition or not.: Whether it is high frequency, intermediate frequency or super audio induction heating equipment, we should check the induction heating coil conditions, especially the induction ring. The oxidation skin in the coil should be cleaned up in time. If the refractory cement has cracks, the user must repait them.

Forever not only supply quality hardening and tempering furnace, but also we will tell you the induction heat treatment knowledge and help your plant do the correct heat treatment for the bars or pipes.


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