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[cost effective] steel bar induction heating electric furnace is analyzed like this!

     steel bar induction heating furnaceis a very mature heating equipment, especially before die forging, steel bar induction heating electric furnace is indispensable. The induction heating electric furnace for steel bar is mainly medium frequency heating furnace in die forging heating. Fast heating speed, convenient operation, energy conservation and environmental protection have won a lot of reputation for the medium frequency heating furnace.

1. Background of induction heating electric furnace for steel bar:

The traditional heating mode of steel bar induction heating electric furnace is flame heating, which heats steel bar by burning heavy oil, natural gas and other media. It has the disadvantages of poor heating environment, long heating time and high cost of flue gas desulfurization. With the progress of science and technology and the maturity of medium frequency components, the steel bar induction heating electric furnace has gradually transitioned to the era of medium frequency heating furnace. Flame heating is only used in free forging heating, while the heating of steel bars in die forging has been dominated by medium frequency heating furnace. Medium frequency heating furnace for steel bar is an indispensable induction heating equipment for heating before die forging.

2. Composition of medium frequency heating furnace for steel bar:

The steel bar medium frequency heating furnace is composed of medium frequency power supply, inductor, controller, inductor furnace frame, cooling system, cylinder pushing system, automatic feeding system, temperature measurement and sorting system, conveying system, discharging system and control system.Deformed-bar-hardening-and-tempering

3. Characteristics of medium frequency heating furnace for steel bar:

(1) The heating beat can be designed according to the productivity. The heating speed is designed according to the heating power, heating temperature and the weight of the heated workpiece. The heating speed can be up to 3 seconds and can be adjusted arbitrarily.

(2) An electromagnetic induction heating equipment that can work continuously for 24 hours and adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction to quickly induce a large eddy current inside the metal material in the alternating magnetic field, so as to heat the metal material until melting. It can also penetrate the non-metallic material and quickly heat the metal material locally or completely.

(3) There are few problems. If there are problems, 90% of them are caused by insufficient water pressure or water flow. It is recommended to use internal circulating water system, that is, closed cooling tower, to cool the medium frequency heating furnace, which can greatly improve the stability of power supply, be economical and cost-effective.

(4) The heating range of  steel bar heating furnace is very wide, and there can be various forms of heating methods, which can heat all kinds of workpieces (replace the removable induction ring according to the shape of workpieces), such as end heating, overall heating, steel plate heating, etc

(5) It belongs to direct heating, because there is no heat loss of radiation conduction heating due to heat generation inside the metal, so it consumes less power, less heat loss, less specific friction, and 20% – 30% less energy consumption than other similar products, reducing the production cost.

(6) Safe and reliable, with alarm indications such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating and water shortage, and automatic control and protection. There is no high voltage, and the operation of workers is safe.steel-billet-induction-heatin-furnace

At present, the induction heating electric furnace for steel bars is the steel bar medium frequency heating furnace. From the above, we can see the specific content of the steel bar medium frequency heating furnace. Hebei YUANTUO electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment, medium frequency quenching and tempering production line,Induction heat treatment equipment and quenching and tempering heat treatment furnace. Suitable induction heating equipment is customized according to the actual process needs of users.



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