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Creating excellent Induction heating equipment

The same induction heating equipment, some value is higher, and some of the “no one’s conscience”, whether it is the new type of induction heating equipment or the old-style heating equipment, want to increase its value, make it brand new, become a product of the quality, must be technological innovation, the performance is stable, the productivity is high, The induction heating furnace, the forging and heating equipment, the medium-frequency diathermy equipment, the quenching heat treatment equipment and the tempering heat treatment production line of the remote-to-large-scale electromechanical production are brand-new, and the application taste and the value of the product are improved for you!


With the upgrading of material standard in various fields, induction heating equipment has also been widely used. After heating and heat treatment by induction heating equipment, the application value of various workpieces has been significantly improved. In addition, With the continuous innovation of induction heating equipment, the performance and operation mode of induction heating equipment and medium frequency quenching equipment are also improving and upgrading, more and more efficient, environmental protection and intelligence, investment prospects will be broader!


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Post time: 04-11-2019