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Custom-made Intelligent Induction equipment for heating Metal

Speaking of customization and intelligentization, in the field of induction heating equipment and heat treatment industry, it has entered into a new development trend in full swing, focusing on customized and intelligent metal induction heating equipment. Hebei Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., as a professional manufacturer of induction heating equipment and heat treatment equipment for many years, has continuously carried out technical upgrading and innovation, and how to interpret “intelligentization” of intelligent induction heating equipment and heat treatment equipment. Let’s explore the truth together.


1. Starting from the trend of intelligentization, the remote electromechanical induction heating equipment has become a new trend in the development of various industries in the current market, so how to understand the intellectualization of induction heating equipment, so how to understand the intelligentization of induction heating equipment. What are the specific aspects? The intelligence of the induction heating equipment is mainly reflected in the control system. The automatic operation system of PCL, which combines the man-machine interface used in the production line of quenched and tempered heat treatment, includes the induction heating equipment, the intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment and the man machine interface used in the production line. “Digital Intelligent” model, a complete set of induction holiday equipment in the design, using a computer touch screen control, its operation is accurate, easy to operate, the equipment can greatly automatic detection function, greatly reduce its failure rate, It is also better to introduce the input of manpower cost.

2. The technological innovation and upgrading of induction heating equipment, the launching of the Blue Sky Defense War in recent years, environmental protection investigations, and with the relevant policies increasing the intensity of environmental protection, the “Blue Sky Defense War” continues to advance. Manufacturing is also unable to circumvent the key point of “environmental protection”, so what should be done as a real manufacturing industry?

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Post time: 04-23-2019