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Deeper understanding of sucker rod heat treatment furnace

The Sucker rod heat treatment furnace is a device used for heat treatment of oil field sucker rods. Its main purpose is to improve the mechanical performance and corrosion resistance of the sucker rods, in order to extend their service life.

1. Type of heat treatment furnace for sucker rods:

The heat treatment furnace for sucker rods is mainly divided into two types: resistance type and inductance type. A resistance furnace heats the pumping rod through resistance, while an induction furnace uses the principle of induction heating for heat treatment. Choosing the appropriate type depends on process requirements and equipment costs.

2. Working principle of the Sucker rod heat treatment equipment :

The furnace converts electrical energy into thermal energy through heating elements, allowing the pumping rod to reach the required temperature. The working principle is simple, and the heat treatment process of the pumping rod is achieved by controlling the heating time and temperature.

3. Application of sucker rod heat treatment furnace:

The heat treatment furnace for sucker rods is widely used in the field of oilfield development. By heat treatment, the strength and corrosion resistance of the pumping rod are improved, and fracture and corrosion losses are reduced, thereby improving the production efficiency of the oilfield.


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