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steel pipe quenching and tempering production line

The environmental protection problem of heat treatment is a difficult problem in China’s iron and steel industry. Solving the environmental pollution problem is not a matter that can be solved overnight. It requires us to eliminate the pollution source fundamentally. Instead of the traditional heating method, the steel tube quenching and tempering production line uses the principle of electromagnetic induction and non-contact heating to effectively solve the environmental pollution problem of heat treatment in the steel industry.


The energy conservation and environmental protection of FOREVER steel tube quenching and tempering production line are mainly reflected in the following points:

One、 FOREVER electromechanical steel pipe quenching and tempering equipment is more in line with green and environmental protection production standards

1. The steel pipe quenching and tempering equipment is made of advanced IGBT module. When heating and heat treating the workpiece, it will not produce noise and dust, and will not produce waste smoke and exhaust gas, greatly improving the working environment of workers.

2. Compared with traditional equipment, the equipment can save 30% – 40% electricity, which is very in line with the standard of green production.

Two、 The steel pipe quenching and tempering equipment attracts more than environmental protection

1. It is easy to operate and can be learned immediately. There is no open fire, high temperature and high voltage (the working voltage of the induction coil is 36V) when working, and it has good safety.

2. It is easy to use, can be started or stopped at any time, without preheating.

3. The heating method is flexible, which can be used for both overall and local heating.

4. It is easy to realize mechanization, automation and flow production.

5. The temperature and heating time can be accurately controlled, and the processing quality is high.

The pollution of dust and noise to the environment should not be underestimated. Attention must be paid to the purchase of the steel pipe quenching and tempering production line produced by FOREVER Electromechanical Co., Ltd., which not only reduces dust and noise, but also has high efficiency and high yield, simple operation, energy conservation and consumption reduction.

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