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Features of steel bar hardening and tempering furnace

Features of Steel bar hardening and tempering heat treatment equipment:

The overall structure is firm, and the turnover cylinder, pneumatic components, transmission mechanism and idler are fixed on the feeding frame. The control cabinet can be customized non-standard according to customer requirements, using relay circuit control mode or PLC+touch screen control mode. Realize the functions of automatic turnover, automatic feeding by frequency conversion and speed regulation, automatic heating, automatic hardening and cooling, automatic unloading by tempering and heat preservation, temperature detection, automatic adjustment of power supply and parameter storage. High-strength bed design of steel bar hardening and tempering heat treatment equipment, transmission mechanism with high precision and high stability; The intervention of IGBT intermediate frequency power supply ensures the consistency of product quality. The toughness and hardness of pc steel bar after hardening and tempering heat treatment can meet the national standards. The steel bar needs no straightening machine for straightening, and the surface is free of deformation and cracks.


FOREVER Electromechanical can provide various types of steel bar quenching and tempering treatment equipment. It is the technicians who have selected reasonable induction heating equipment solutions for customers through their rich technical experience. It can complete online heating processing of various types of steel bars. The steel bar hardening and tempering furnace is designed with high strength bed and has a variety of configurations for customers to choose from. The automatic loading and unloading device realizes a complete set of unmanned operation, greatly reducing labor costs.

Our company also has other machines: steel bar hardening and tempering production line 、Steel ball induction forging furnace 、steel tube induction preheating furnace 、medium frequency furnace  、steel billet induction reheating furnace 、metal heating forging furnace 、square billet heating furnace and so on.

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