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Forever square steel billet induction heating furnace

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Professional provides Square billet heating furnace, PLC fully automatic intelligent control, closed-loop temperature control of square steel billet electric induction heating equipment, uniform heating, no overburning, no deformation, no cracks, and quality assurance.

Characteristics of Square steel heating furnace :

1. The square steel heating furnace adopts induction heating technology for heat treatment, which not only has low environmental pollution and high production efficiency, but also has a higher cost than gas heating.

2. The electric induction heating equipment for square steel billets can be designed according to user production requirements.

3. Our designed Billet electric heating equipment can meet your requirements by adjusting the size of the sensor according to the degree of bending of your steel grade.

4. The control system of the steel billet heating electric furnace realizes PLC automatic control throughout the heating process, and timely displays production records such as heating quantity.

5. The feeding and guiding system operates stably.

6. The closed-loop temperature control of the square steel heating furnace ensures even heating of the workpiece.


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