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Forever steel ball forging production line

At present, steel ball manufacturing is mainly based on rolling steel balls, but for steel balls with a diameter exceeding 120mm, forging steel ball induction heating furnace need to be used for production, which is commonly known as small steel ball rolling and large steel ball forging. The use of air hammer forging makes the internal structure of ball milled steel balls more compact, improves toughness and density, enhances wear resistance, reduces crushing rate, and maintains excellent stability in various harsh environments.

Characteristics of steel ball forging production line

1. The steel ball forging production line has lower investment and faster development compared to the steel ball hot rolling production line, and has a larger range of steel ball production.

2. The steel balls forged on the steel ball forging production line have good impact resistance, strong toughness, good resistance, and are not easily broken or out of round.

3. Forging can eliminate defects such as casting porosity in metals during the smelting process and optimize the microstructure.


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