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Four excellent performances of induction heating equipment, do you know?

The Induction heating machine is a processing equipment which is specially used for heat treatment and processing various metal workpieces, improves the comprehensive mechanical energy, plays an important role in industrial development, The new induction heating equipment in the field of heat treatment equipment has been widely used in the fields of mining machinery, petroleum machinery, wind power machinery, machine manufacturing and the like, adhering to the principle of simple, environment-friendly, high-quality and intelligent processing, and has become a pet of the industry.

First, simple-simple structure, easy to understand the principle of the whole equipment adopts mechatronics structure design, the structure of the whole equipment is compact, the arrangement of components is reasonable, the area is small and the flame furnace is 1 / 3, and the user is used to plan the site reasonably. The electromagnetic principle is used to process the metal workpiece, in short, electric heating and high production efficiency.

Second, environmental protection-green upgrade, environmental protection work metal heat treatment processing, pollution is “taboo”, how to achieve environmental protection processing has become the focus of industry research. This medium frequency heating furnace uses electromagnetic principle to process, electric energy itself belongs to environmental protection energy, so it is not easy to produce waste gas, waste smoke and dust and other substances that pollute the environment in the process of heat treatment. Production to achieve environmental protection processing.

Third, excellent production-intelligent processing, excellent quality induction heating equipment can be equipped with closed-loop temperature control system, far-infrared thermometer real-time detection of workpiece heating temperature, heating data feedback system, the system automatically adjust the power supply power, to ensure that the workpiece heating temperature within the set temperature, in order to meet the higher product quality requirements of users.

Fourth, intelligent-automatic processing, saving manpower if induction heating equipment configuration PLC touch screen for centralized control of the whole equipment, the degree of automation of the equipment is high, the production can achieve one-click control, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and reduce labor costs.

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