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Four major uses of steel billet induction heating furnace

steel billet heating furnace is a device used for heating and treating steel billets, and its main uses include the following aspects:

1. Steel production: Billet heating furnace is one of the widely used equipment in the steel industry. It is used to heat the cooled steel billets to reach the required processing temperature. After heating, steel billets can be further processed through processes such as rolling, casting, and forging, which are used to manufacture steel products of various shapes and specifications.

2. Heat treatment: In the production process of steel, heat treatment is required to improve the mechanical properties, microstructure, and wear resistance of the steel. The Induction billet heating furnace can provide the required high-temperature environment, heat the billet to an appropriate temperature, and then use quenching, annealing, normalizing and other treatment methods to achieve ideal performance of the steel.

3. Bending and forging: The billet heating furnace can provide sufficient heat for the billet to reach a flexible state, facilitating bending and forging operations. In fields such as shipbuilding, automotive, and mechanical manufacturing, steel billets can undergo bending, stretching, and forging processes after heating to meet the shape and performance requirements of components and parts.

4. Preheating before welding: For the welding of certain special materials or large-sized structural components, it is necessary to preheat the steel billet before welding to eliminate internal stress, increase the toughness of the structure, and provide better welding conditions. The billet heating furnace can provide the required temperature and heat for preheating the billet.

In summary, steel billet induction heating furnace plays an important role in the steel industry, mainly used in steel production, heat treatment, bending and forging, as well as preheating before welding and other fields. By controlling the heating temperature and time, steel processing and regulation can be achieved to meet the needs of different industries.

Billet induction heating funace includes: billet induction preheating equipment , steel billet induction reheating furnace , continuous casting billet heating furnace and so on.



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