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four points to be noted when using heat-treated quenching equipment

induction hardening machine has the advantages of fast heating speed and high production efficiency, and is often used for forging heating of round steel and square steel. in order to avoid accidents, we should pay attention to the following points when using the Induction heating machine

1. If the heat treatment quenching equipment is used for a long time, it will lead to the aging of the equipment, which will lead to the decrease of work efficiency and safety performance, which will increase the risk degree and production cost in the production process.

2.The heating furnace should be overhauled regularly in the heat treatment plant, and the coil and silicon steel sheet should be re-painted with insulating paint. Rehang the tire mud for the heating furnace and remove the scale by pickling the coil water-cooled cable.

3. The staff and workers who are in direct contact with the reheating furnace should be trained in use and daily maintenance.

When we treat round steel and square steel with heat treatment quenching equipment, we should always pay attention to the above matters, so as to ensure the safety of processing and production and prolong the service life of the heat treatment equipment.


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Post time: 06-18-2019