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General medium frequency quenching machine tool for transformer lifting of heating equipment

The kit of the Medium frequency quenching heat treatment equipment tool consists of a super-audio power supply, a quenching machine tool and a cooling device. has the following characteristics:

1) the ultra-audio power supply adopts ceramic oscillator tube and four sets of capacitors. Four frequencies can be converted by converting capacitors, which are 25kHz. 29 kHz,35 kHz and 50 kHz, to adapt to the quenching of different workpiece, such as shaft (screw, spindle, stepped shaft), disc (gear, ratchet, dividing plate) and so on.

2) equipped with grading table accessories, can be used to quench batches of small workpieces.

3) the transformer inductor group of the machine tool takes off and goes up and down, the workpiece only rotates, and the medium frequency quenching machine can also make the forward and rear copying movement in the working stroke, which is suitable for dealing with the workpiece with special irregular shape, such as conical cylinder, step shaft and so on. When scanned to a small diameter segment, the sensor will move forward a little bit, keeping the local gap between the sensor and the workpiece basically constant.

4) have fault diagnosis and display. During the operation of the equipment, when the software and hardware faults are encountered, the medium frequency quenching machine tool can automatically diagnose and show that its different fault information is nearly 200.

5) 32000 words can be stored in the computer memory, which can meet the requirements of compiling more than 100 quenching workpiece programs.

6) Intermediate frequency quenching machine tool is equipped with sensor quick change chuck, replace one sensor within lOs.


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