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Have you done regular maintenance for medium frequency induction furnace?

As we all know, if we want to make the medium frequency induction hardening furnace less failure, no failure, prolong the service life, we can not blindly use to create benefits, and ignore its maintenance and maintenance. In order to maintain the army for a thousand days, the user should check and maintain the medium frequency induction hardening furnace regularly.


1、 Reliable quality and regular maintenance device:

Check and repair the bolts of all parts and fasten the contact of contactor and relay regularly. In case of looseness or poor contact, repair and replace them in time. Do not use them reluctantly to prevent major accidents.

2、 Regularly check whether the wiring of the load is in good condition:

The oxide scale accumulated in the diathermy induction ring should be cleaned up in time; the cracks in the lining of the heat insulation furnace should be replaced in time; the load of the insulation frequency conversion device is set at the working site, and the fault is relatively high, which is often ignored. Therefore, strengthen the maintenance of the load to prevent the fault wave!

3、 Remove dust in power cabinet regularly

In particular, the outside of the thyristor tube core should be wiped clean with alcohol. In the diathermy quenching process, the plant is close to the medium frequency heating equipment for acid pickling and phosphating. There are many corrosive gases, which will damage the components of the relevant devices of the medium frequency heating equipment, and reduce the insulation strength of the device. When there is a lot of dust, the surface discharge phenomenon of the components will occur, so it must be noted I often clean work to prevent the occurrence of faults!

4、 Regularly check whether the water pipe joint is firmly tied:

When using tap water well water as the cooling water source of medium frequency heating equipment, it is easy to deposit scale and affect the cooling effect. When the plastic water pipe is aged and cracks, the device should be replaced in time. It is easy to condense when using water well cooling in summer. The circulating water system should be considered. When the condensation is serious, the operation should be stopped immediately!

5、 Replace or clean the medium frequency heating equipment regularly

Key components of related equipment. Do details in peacetime, reduce failures, improve life, create greater benefits! The above is the maintenance points of medium frequency induction heating furnace summarized by Hebei YUANTUO electrical and mechanical plant according to years of industrial production experience. Do you remember? If you have any questions when using or purchasing the equipment, please call us. We will have professional technical engineers to serve you!




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