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The induction heating equipment is used as a common metal heat treatment equipment in the current heat treatment process,   induction heating furnace manufacturer are numerous, the quality is uneven, the performance is different, many customers do not know which intermediate frequency heating equipment manufacturers are good, To buy more affordable, more suitable equipment, the following are the factors to be taken into account for the selection of the induction heating equipment manufacturer:

First, the buyer’s own factors. Finished product process requirements: processing quality requirements, production efficiency requirements, processing qualified rate requirements, and so on. Layout space: before choosing which intermediate frequency heating equipment factory, consider your own actual site size, working environment, suitable for what size of intermediate frequency heating equipment placement.  Properties of machined workpiece: the material, shape, size and so on of the machined metal workpiece are the factors that must be considered before purchasing the intermediate frequency heating equipment, which almost determines which kind of intermediate frequency heating equipment to buy.

Manufacturer’s brand reputation and service: generally speaking, big brand, good reputation, good reputation, good service manufacturers, capital is relatively strong, in science and technology and R & D investment is more, manufacturing technology and heat treatment technology is relatively advanced, production capacity is stronger, quality is more reliable, after-sale relatively guaranteed. These factors can be understood through the Internet, can also be understood through other customers, can also go to the field visit, of course, it is still a combination of several, a comprehensive comparison in many aspects. 2. Product performance and price: good induction heating equipment factory its equipment model, production performance, sometimes is not necessarily suitable for your actual production situation, nor is it necessarily cheaper, it is best to choose a suitable production line and a variety of supporting facilities for customers, and the quotation is relatively cheap manufacturers, of course, if there is a suitable model, can save a lot of early investment costs. The quality and service life of intermediate frequency heating equipment: high quality intermediate frequency heating equipment can save a lot of maintenance cost, less maintenance time, and can ensure long-term and efficient production, that is to say, it saves the operating cost of the equipment and increases the production volume.


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