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Heat treatment of metal steel!

We know that Induction heating machine is required to improve the performance of metal, and heating is an important process in the whole   metal heat treatment  process.

All kinds of stainless steel post-welding heat treatment:after welding, the chromium elements contained in stainless steel will diffuse and precipitate into carbon to form chromium carbide in high-temperature area(heat affected area), resulting in local chromium composition reduction, and protection film cannot be formed. Corrosion such as perforation often occurs in these heat-affected areas. Those who can remedy this situation is often treated by heat treatment after welding, and the chromium elements in other areas can be diffused to the area of chromium deficiency, so as to achieve protection.

To avoid oxidation, heat in vacuum furnace or ammonia decomposition, inert gas and reducing atmosphere, so as to obtain bright surface heat treatment effect. In addition, attention should be paid to shorten the transfer time as much as possible, otherwise it will affect the heat treatment effect after aging. Thin material shall not exceed 3 seconds and general parts shall not exceed 5 seconds. The quenching medium generally uses water, and of course, the parts with complex shape can also use oil to avoid deformation.

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