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Heating and cooling are important Heat treatment processes

Heat treatment industry friends must know, heating, heat preservation, cooling is the heat treatment process three important processes, any process is not in place, may affect the final Heat treatment furnace  effect of metal steel.


Heating temperature is one of the important technological parameters of heat treatment process. The selection and control of heating temperature is the main problem to ensure the quality of heat treatment. The heating temperature varies with the purpose of the treated metal material and the heat treatment, but generally it is heated above the phase transition temperature to obtain the high temperature microstructure. In addition, it takes a certain amount of time for transformation, so when the surface of metal workpiece reaches the required heating temperature, it must be kept at this temperature for a certain time, so that the internal and external temperatures are consistent, and the microstructure is completely transformed. This period of time is called holding time. When high energy density heating and surface heat treatment are used, the heating speed is very fast, there is no holding time generally, and the holding time of chemical heat treatment is often longer.

Cooling is also an indispensable step in the process of heat treatment. The cooling method is different according to the process, and the cooling rate is mainly controlled. The cooling rate of general annealing is the slowest, the cooling rate of normalizing is faster, and the cooling rate of quench is faster. But there are also different requirements for different types of steel, for example, air-hardened steel can be hardened at the same cooling rate as normalizing.


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