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Heating equipment before aluminum rod extrusion

Looking at this heating equipment before aluminum rod extrusion, you will certainly be moved. YUANTUO electric & Mechanical Co., Ltd. is a fully automatic and intelligent production mode of aluminum bar pre extrusion heating equipment with intelligent temperature control, uniform heating, high production efficiency and reliable quality. Mainly provide you with steel bar heating furnace, aluminum rod heating furnace, steel bar heating equipment, aluminum rod extrusion heating equipment, steel pipe heat treatment furnace, steel pipe heat treatment equipment, steel bar heat treatment furnace, billet heating furnace and other Induction heating machine with good quality, affordable price, energy saving and environmental protection.

The front aluminum bar has the following features:

1. Power supply system: igbt160-800kw / 0.2-2.5khz.

2. Heating type: aluminum alloy, aluminum rod.

3. Main application: used for hot extrusion and forging of aluminum rod and aluminum alloy.

4. Feeding system: cylinder or hydraulic cylinder timing pushing.

5. Discharging system: roller conveying system.

6. The energy consumption for heating from 190 ℃ to 560 ℃ per ton of aluminum materials.

7. According to the needs of users, remote operation platform with touch screen or industrial computer system is provided.

8. Specially customized man-machine interface, highly humanized operation instructions.

9. Full digital, high depth adjustable parameters, so that you can control induction heating equipment handy.

Composition of heating equipment before aluminum rod extrusion:

1. Induction heating power supply

2. Induction heating furnace cabinet (including stainless steel pipe and capacitor cabinet group)

3. Induction furnace body

4. Automatic feeding timing pushing system

5. PLC operation control cabinet

6. Quick discharging device

7. Automatic temperature control system of infrared temperature measurement

Before aluminum bar extrusion heating equipment, find a professional manufacturer YUANTUO Electromechanical, according to your process requirements for your customized aluminum rod extrusion heating equipment, professional engineers provide you with detailed quotation scheme and Induction heating machine, heat treatment quenching and tempering equipment, induction heating equipment manufacturer, to meet your satisfaction requirements.




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