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High quality gear induction heating furnace

High quality gear induction heating furnace 

Gear transmission is one of the most widely used in mechanical transmission. Its transmission is more accurate, high efficiency, compact structure and  long life.So the gear production is very important that means the gear induction heating furnace play a key role in the gear  production.Forever is one of the leader which involved in the induction heating equipment which mainly used to metal heating and parts  process.

The advantages of the Gear Induction Heating Furnace from Forever:

1.Uniform heating for the gear;little temperature difference from the surface to the core.

2.High control precision.

3..Customized design of induction heaters according to your specific requirement.

4.Simple production operation;Flexible feeding and discharging;High automation.

5..Fast heating speed,equipped the new induction heating system which can reach the required temperature in short time.

Other induction heating equipment from Forever:

1.500KW,φ30MM round steel continuous heating production line

2.2500 KW,φ80 MM  steel bar continuous heating furnace

3.2500 KW round steel continuous heating furnace

Depending on the rich experience in the induction heating equipment and induction heat treating equipment,Forever work on to service for you.


Post time: 08-05-2016