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Hot rolling billet heating furnace

Hot rolled billet heating furnace is a non-standard  induction heating equipment for square steel and billet heating. It is suitable for forging after square steel heating and rolling after square steel heating. Due to sharp corners in the shape of square steel, special treatment should be taken in the design of induction coil of hot-rolled billet heating furnace in order to ensure the uniformity of heating temperature of square steel.

Characteristics of hot rolling billet heating furnace:

1. The heating time in the hot rolling billet heating furnace is shorter than that in the flame furnace, which is not only conducive to reducing iron loss, but also improving the surface quality of the billet in the rolling process,

2. Using electromagnetic induction heating, there is no combustion product in the heating zone, which effectively eliminates the oxidation and decarburization of square steel and billet. Therefore, clean square steel and billet can be obtained through this rapid heating;

3. Billet reheating furnace has the advantages of fast heating speed, reducing oxidation and decarburization on the surface, which is conducive to environmental protection and greatly reducing heat radiation;

4. The use of hot rolling billet heating furnace can not only conveniently, quickly and accurately automatically control the temperature, but also save energy

5. Hot rolling billet heating furnace can heat super long billet, which is conducive to semi endless rolling and improve rolling efficiency.

Composition of hot rolling billet heating furnace: the hot rolling billet heating furnace includes feeding machine, billet conveyor, medium frequency power supply, inductor heating coil, temperature measurement system, cooling system, intermediate transmission system, frequency conversion control system, PLC control system, etc.


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