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hot rolling sheet heating furnace

Main technical parameters of hot rolling sheet heating furnace:

● Power supply system: 100KW-4000KW/200Hz-8000HZ intelligent medium frequency power supply.

● Heating type: carbon steel, alloy steel, etc

● Main use: It is used for the pervious forging of steel plates and slabs.

● Feeding system: cylinder timing pushing

● Discharge system: chain fast conveying system.

▲ Energy conversion: heat each ton of steel to 1150 ℃, and power consumption is 330~360 degrees.

● Remote console with touch screen or industrial personal computer system shall be provided according to user’s needs.

● Specially customized human-computer interface and highly humanized operation instructions.

● All digital, high depth adjustable parameters enable you to control the equipment easily.

● Strict level management system and perfect one click restore system.

● Provide corresponding language switching according to different countries and regions.

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Post time: 12-21-2022