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How about induction heating equipment for metal heat treatment?

induction heating equipment, generally speaking, is the equipment that can complete the hot processing of metal work-piece by electricity, which is different from the traditional  metal heat treatment  equipment, which is heated by heat transfer in air. Induction heating equipment uses electromagnetic induction principle to heat treatment, and the induction coil is processed in a non-contact form. The heating efficiency is as high as 95%, the time is short, the speed is fast, and the processing quality of metal steel is excellent.

Is the output of induction heating equipment guaranteed? Is the output of intermediate frequency heating equipment high? Is there a guarantee of production? The answer is yes! The design load rate of induction heating equipment is high, and the production can realize 24 hours continuous production, and the intermediate frequency heating equipment can also be produced online with other mechanical equipment to form a set of continuous production lines, which is beneficial to improve the mechanization and automation of the equipment. And the induction heating furnace uses PLC and touch screen for intelligent operation, the production data can be stored in the system, permanent storage, induction heating equipment is more suitable for batch production users to use, to meet the high output requirements of users.

How much does induction heating equipment get? first of all, intermediate frequency heating equipment is a non-standard product. According to the user’s workpiece size, workpiece shape, process requirements and efficiency requirements, the manufacturer customizes the production scheme and makes quotations. According to the needs of users, production requirements are different, manufacturers customize different schemes, the same equipment quotation will also be different. Therefore, Yuantian electromechanical can not directly give an accurate quotation, if you want to know the price of induction heating furnace, you can call Yuantian mechatronics customer service hotline for details.

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