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How does metal heat treatment change the performance of the workpiece?

 metal heat treatment  technology is the main part of the metal machinery manufacturing technology, which is an important technical measure for strengthening the metal material and exerting its latent capacity, which is the key technology to ensure and improve the product quality and service life of the machine. As for the heat treatment industry, the direct downstream industry is the component sub-industry of the metal machinery manufacturing industry, mainly including the automobile parts industry, the mechanical base part industry (including the bearing, the mould, the fastener, etc.), the aerospace component industry, the engineering machinery component industry, New energy component industry, machine tool parts and so on. heat treatment is one of the most important processes in mechanical manufacturing. It does not change the shape of the workpiece and the chemical composition as a whole, but changes the internal microstructure of the workpiece or the chemical composition of the surface, so as to change the service performance of the workpiece. And the hardness, toughness, wear resistance, strength and the like of the workpiece can be improved.

Solid solution heat treatment: the alloy is heated to high temperature single phase region to keep constant temperature, so that the excess phase is fully dissolved and cooled to obtain the heat treatment process of supersatured solid solution. Aging: after solid solution heat treatment or cold plastic deformation, the properties of the alloy change with time when the alloy is placed at room temperature or slightly higher than room temperature.


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