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How many years can the furnace for quenching and tempering of steel pipe work?

We spend money to buy equipment in order to create profits for enterprises, so as a metal heat treatment industry with steel pipe quenching and tempering furnace its own price, specifically can work for steel pipe heat treatment manufacturers for how many years? I believe this is also the concern of many manufacturers who want to buy steel pipe quenching and tempering furnace!

In fact, in general, it is possible to use a steel pipe quenching furnace for 5 years without a problem, but if the equipment is not maintained blindly if the work is not maintained, it is not easy to say, of course, if the maintenance is good, the effective life will also increase relatively? So how to prolong the effective life of the furnace for quenching and tempering of steel pipe? Li Gong, a technical engineer who has been working for more than 20 years, said this:

First, regular maintenance equipment: regularly repair the bolt and fastening contact of each component, if there is loosening or bad contact phenomenon, timely modification and replacement, can not reluctantly use, so as not to cause major accidents.

Second, regularly check whether the wiring of the load is in good condition: regularly check the contact of the induction ring of the equipment, especially the induction ring of the medium frequency permeable heat, the oxide skin accumulated in it should be cleaned in time, and the cracks in the heat insulation lining should be replaced in time. Be sure to do a good job of careful observation, what problems are encountered in a timely manner and deal with them in a timely manner.

Third, regularly clean up the dirt in the power cabinet: the interior is the accumulation of components, after a period of time, dust will be contaminated to the surface of components through cracks, must be cleaned regularly to prevent faults;

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