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How much do you know about induction heating furnace?

How much do you know about induction heating furnace?


Forever Furnace is a professional manufacturer of induction heating furnace,medium frequency induction furnace,medium frequency hardening equipment.

Induction heating furnace is used for heat treatment of steel,copper,aluminum and alloy,which has good features of high melting efficiency, good energy-saving effect, metal composition uniformity, less burning, the temperature rise fast, easy to control and so on.

1.Constant power output;melting faster; energy-saving effect is more obvious

2.Zero pressure sweep software startup and can adapt to the frequent starting requirements.

3.Comprehensive protection measures, such as over-current, over-voltage, current limiting, limit pressure, water shortages, lack of equal protection to make sure the induction heating furnace can have reliable running.

4 .Simple operation and suitable for a variety of casting process.

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Post time: 04-02-2016