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How much does a set of square tube induction heating equipment cost?

Because of its excellent performance and environmental protection, square tube diathermic furnace can quickly become a popular equipment in heat treatment industry. The price of square tube diathermic equipment is more concerned by everyone, so what is the price of such Induction heating machine?


If the price influencing factors of intermediate frequency induction heating equipment want to know its result, the reason must be investigated first. If you want to understand the price of a square tube diathermy equipment, the first thing you know is what factors affect the price? Cost input: the cost input will directly affect the price of a set of square tube induction heaters. In general, from R & D, design, manufacturing to sales, it takes a lot of manpower and financial resources, the higher the cost input, the higher the price positioning, on the contrary, the lower the price positioning. Specification model: the size of the square tube medium frequency induction diothermic furnace is divided into size, the large square tube permeable furnace has strong adaptability to the material, the output and efficiency are also very high, the price will naturally be slightly higher, this kind of square tube diathermic equipment is more suitable for large processing plants; accordingly, the small type of square tube induction diothermic furnace is more suitable for small and medium-sized heat treatment plants, the price is also relatively cheap.

Quality performance: high quality equipment, stable performance, low failure rate, can create high efficiency, because of the high manufacturing cost, so the price is too expensive, low quality equipment investment, low cost, low price. Supply and demand: it will indirectly affect the quotation, when the supply of manufacturers is greater than the demand of users, equipment unsalable, prices fall, on the contrary, if the supply of manufacturers is less than the purchase of users, the price will rise in nature: although there are many induction heating furnace manufacturers in China, but the nature of each manufacturer is different, some manufacturers are direct-selling enterprises; some are middlemen; There are dealers, in contrast, direct-selling enterprises set the price of square tube permeable furnace is lower, regional differences: the price of square tube diathermic equipment set by different regions is certainly different, because the economic level of each region is different, people in developed areas have the ability to buy high-price square tube induction heatfurnace, manufacturers will set the price of the equipment is very high; On the contrary, the price of equipment will be very low.



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