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How much does induction heating furnace for custom-made steel pipe heat treatment need to invest?

steel tube heat treatment furnace, also called steel tube heat treatment furnace, is a kind of equipment which can change the mechanical properties of pipe. The manufacturing process of this equipment is advanced. It solves the problems of low production capacity and many faults of traditional metal heat treatment equipment. It has strong mobility, automatic intelligent production, simple troubleshooting method, and can realize long-distance command production. So, how much would it cost to invest in such an efficient heat-treatment furnace for steel pipes? Professional induction heat treatment equipment manufacturer-Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical plant for your analysis as follows.

Knowing the heat treatment furnace of steel pipe, the main structure composition of the furnace is medium frequency power supply, inductor, heat treatment system, loading device, cutting device, PLC control system and so on. These components are effectively combined, easy to install, small footprint, strong capacity to adapt to the site.

In terms of function, the function of steel pipe heat treatment furnace is very comprehensive, it includes the traditional heat treatment equipment heating, processing and other functions, but also strong sleeve, flexible configuration, energy-saving and environmental protection. Is now a very important equipment in the metal heating plant.

How much does the steel tube heat treatment furnace need to invest? How much is the electric furnace for heat treatment of steel pipes? Many users will think the price of the device will be very high, because the performance of the equipment is indeed rolled over the traditional steel pipe heat treatment equipment. So, what about the truth?

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