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How much does it cost to invest in a complete set of induction heating equipment

The investment prospect of  induction heat treatment machine is more and more serious in environmental protection policy today. Due to the large amount of waste gas and dust pollution in the production and processing process, the traditional bar induction heating furnace is easy to be limited to production and shut down. Therefore, the current induction heating equipment has become the main mechanical equipment in the heat treatment process, which is greatly concerned by the investors. Therefore, the investment prospect of IF heating equipment in the market in the future is very good.

2. Under the general condition of the ratio of the whole induction heating equipment, the whole set of induction heating equipment will be transported by the manual feeding roller table to transport quenching, heating, water spray quenching, roll table, tempering heating and heat preservation, tempering, cooling, roll table, chain cold bed, feeding, heating, tempering, cooling, heat preservation, tempering, cooling. Because the induction heating equipment is a non-standard custom product, the manufacturer mainly according to the user’s work-piece process requirements, production efficiency and so on custom matching, so the specific induction heating equipment configuration, please call Yuantio electromechanical customer service hotline.

3, it is well known how much it takes to invest in a complete set of induction heating equipment. Intermediate frequency heating equipment is composed of a number of equipment. Different types of equipment, specifications, models, etc., will have a direct impact on its price. The more advanced the configuration of induction heating equipment, the higher the output, then the price of its production line will also be higher, but the profit space for investors will also be much higher. In addition, the prices of intermediate frequency heating equipment under different intermediate frequency heating furnace manufacturers, different selection and purchase methods, and even different selection time periods are still different, so if you want to know clearly how much it costs to invest in a whole set of induction heating equipment, you should also estimate the approximate price according to the actual production selection and configuration of the user.



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