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How much is the equipment for quenched and tempered steel pipe?

Steel pipe can be used in oil pipeline, engineering structure, thermal equipment, petrochemical industry, machinery manufacturing, geological drilling and other industries after a series of induction quenching and tempering machine. So, how much is the steel pipe conditioning equipment for a set, where is there to sell? Next, we will give you a brief introduction as follows.

First, pre-purchase analysis of steel pipe quenching and tempering equipment prices, so that you less bending steel pipe heat treatment equipment types and series more, among which more common are HVI,VSI, its models are more, different models of equipment quoting standards are different, in addition, Factory strength, material selection, workmanship, regional and other factors, understand these factors, in the purchase of the travel of less detours.

On the market for steel tube heat treatment furnaces offer different positioning standards, about tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, of course, affected by configuration, function, but also millions. In order to avoid misleading users, inconvenient to quote one by one, specific price details need to consult the manufacturer customer service

Second, where is the heat treatment equipment for steel pipes sold, and far-reaching manufacturers welcome you to produce many manufacturers of metal heat treatment equipment, distributed in various parts of the country, but mainly concentrated in Hebei region, Hebei Province as the production base of heavy machinery, It is a better choice for many users to buy metal heat treatment equipment. In Hebei, the more well-known metal heat treatment equipment manufacturer Hebei Yuantuo Electrical and Mechanical Factory, will be your better choice.

Located in Wuqiao County Economic and technological Development Zone, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, Yuantuo Machinery Factory has strong strength, standard green heavy-duty factory building, advanced manufacturing facilities, and can tailor satisfactory equipment to customers in time.

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Post time: 05-05-2019